The following workshops are about 12 hours of class time, though occasionally I teach an abbreviated version of these workshops. They are only offered in a live, in-person format. You can learn about each workshop, see up-coming workshops and register for a workshop using the buttons below. 


About the Workshop:

The 7 Principles workshop is based on over 40 years of relationship research and benefits all types of couples (not just married). You will learn how to deepen your friendship with your partner, how to resolve conflict more effectively, how to process an argument after the fact, how to create meaningful rituals that build on your values along with so much more!

This workshop is hands-on where you and your partner get to put into practice the skills and concepts you are learning as we go. (Don’t worry! There are no group exercises, only exercises for the two of you!)  Click Here to Read More…

Up-Coming Workshops:

Cary, NC
4 Saturdays from 9am – 12pm
Starting October 19th