I am a Gottman-Certified Educator, and I lead Relationship and Parenting workshops for committed couples and expecting parents. I lead both the full 12 hour programs, Bringing Baby Home & The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work, as well as abridged versions of these workshops for couples and new parents in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of North Carolina. 

I have a degree in Music and Psychology from Gordon College. Shortly after graduating I focused my energies on music and the arts and I began teaching private music lessons and working part-time in the film industry. I eventually became a producer for a video production business and went on to produce a feature film, filmed in NC. 

After becoming a mom in 2016, I took time off work to allow myself space to reevaluate my priorities and passions as I connected with my incredible son. I very quickly re-discovered my deep passion for psychology and began investing in educating myself in relationship dynamics, positive parenting and child development.

Now I teach couples how to strengthen their relationships using research-tested skills and principles. 



I’m the proud mommy of Asher (3yr) & Aiden (5mo) and wife to Paul, my partner and friend, who has walked many journeys with me over our 7 years of marriage. Our marriage is a big reason WHY I am teaching what I teach today. We were transformed as a couple when we began to learn and implement the material from the Gottman Institute, along with other practices. 

I love a good unsweet iced tea (#NewEngalnder), spending time snuggling my boys and rock climbing with my hubby. I love playing games and can be pretty competitive, but I also don’t mind losing, as long as it was a good game. 

I am deeply curious about our humanness and how we relate to one another and can’t get enough of thought-provoking conversations. 

A few fun facts:

  • I grew up memorizing the capitals to Middle Eastern countries because my dad was a Political Science Professor of the Middle East and he loved surrounding us with Middle Eastern culture. 
  • I taught private ballroom dance lessons for about 6 months right after college. 
  • I LOVE rock climbing, even though I’m afraid of heights.
  • Music is my other love story. Let’s just say… Jazz band, marching band, band camp, flute, saxophone, choir, guitar, piano, musicals, recitals… you get the picture.
  • If I had unlimited money I would travel the globe and live in all sorts of diverse, unique places and simply connect with people so I could better understand other perspectives and cultures.

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