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Take a Deep Breath, Mama.

You are Here.

It’s time to unwind. It’s time to get real. It’s time to shine.

And Joyful Parenting was created to help you do just this.

This space is not about learning how to be a better parent, although you will find plenty of tips and ideas sprinkled throughout. And this space is not about putting on a facade of “everything thing is happy and perfect all the time”. Nope. Quite the opposite. (Though celebration is abundant around here!)

This space is about bringing your full, raw self into the light and learning to let motherhood transform you from the inside out into who you were meant to be.

I help moms discover emotional wholeness so they and their families can thrive.

Us moms are the core, the heartbeat of our family unit and when we are struggling, so is our whole family. But when mom is joyful, radiant and at peace so is the family.

I want to see healthier and happier families so I that means we need healthier and happier moms. Everything about what I am creating here at Joyful Parenting is designed to help you cultivate your inner world so you can discover this inner joy and peace I keep talking about. 

Emotions are a big piece of your inner world and also a big struggle for most people I talk to on some level or another, so that is what you will find around here: tips, advice, teaching and wisdom on how to cultivate a healthy emotional life.

I’m so looking forward to walking with you on this part of your journey.

<3 Ali


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A little more about me, Ali:

My name is Ali Parnell, I’m an Emotional Mastery Coach and Creator of this beautiful internet space, Joyful Parenting. I’m Mommy to Asher, my cheese lovin’, couch climbin’ 1.5yo, and Wifey to Paul, my extra handsome and highly talented filmmaker of a hubby.


I have been studying Psychology, Family Relationships, Leadership and Personal Development for over 9 years. My husband and I dove head first (and somewhat blindly) into entrepreneurship right after we got married in 2012 and it was definitely a bumpy start! But, as I began delving into the consulting and coaching world I found a piece of my calling. To put it simply, I love helping people accomplish their goals and work through problems. I am deeply curious about our humanness and how we relate to one another and so I dig and dig for truth and answers. My husband considers me nosey. I call it curiosity.

When my son, Asher, was born in 2016 I found another HUGE piece of my calling (which is kind of ironic considering I was terrified when I initially found out we were pregnant). It was being a mom. I never could have guessed I would derive so much joy and satisfaction from raising this little man, but I do! I LOVE being a mom! Do I have my crazy days? Uh… YEAH! But I mostly eat my weight in chocolate to cope. Kidding…. or am I?

A few other fun facts:

  • I grew up memorizing the capitals to Middle Eastern countries. Why? My dad is a Political Science Professor of the Middle East and it was kind of his thing to surround us with Middle Eastern culture. It was pretty cool.
  • I taught private ballroom dance lessons for about 6 months after college. That was fun! At least until the weird, handsy male students showed up. Then I was totally over it.
  • Dancing is actually still a big passion of mine (has been most of my life), but recently I gave rock climbing a go and I think it’s awesome!
  • Me + cheese = <3 <3 <3  … need I say more?
  • Music is kind of my other love story when it comes to learning things. Let’s just say… Jazz band, marching band, band camp, flute, saxophone, choir, guitar, piano, musicals, recitals… you get the picture.
  • If I had unlimited money I would travel the globe and live in all sorts of diverse places and simply connect with people. I love to travel because I love to see and connect with different perspectives, different people.

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